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Helmet Shells

A cameo is carving in relief. Wealthy ancient Romans had them carved, initially from layers of gemstone to commemorate special events or provide family portraits. In the sixteenth century, shells became more popular than stones as the medium for cameos because the three distinct layers of color that shells produce proved ideal for relief carving. Traditional cameos are made from Bullmouth Helmet species, the cameo helmet shell.

Please Note: All sea shells are sold by length and priced per piece. All shell sizes are approximate.

Bullmouth Helmet


Bullmouth Helmet

Available sizes from 4 inches to 7 inches.

#D13S 4-5 $9.98
#D13M 5-6 $19.98
#D13 6-7 $24.98

4-5 inch and 6-7 inch out of stock

Out of stock
Princess Helmet


Princess Helmet

Available sizes from 2.5 inches to 5 inches.

#D14S 2.5-3 in. $2.98
#D14 3-4 in. $4.98
#D14 4-5 in. $9.98

2.5-3 in. out of stock

King Helmet


King Helmet

#COR6 10-11 in. $39.98
#COR7 11-12 in. $49.98

11-12 inch out of stock